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Sissy clit
Sissy clit
Голосов: 0
Адрес блога: http://sissyclit.blogspot.com/
Добавлен: 2015-10-03 19:26:39

Sissy rules

2015-09-17 23:31:00 (читать в оригинале)

Here are my rules which will help you on the path to becoming a total cunt hole bimbo Sissy slut whore.

1. Sissy needs to buy lingerie and wear it all the time. Every day to wear some panties, better if they were pink and lace.

2. Sissy needs to take care of your nails every day to do a manicure. Toenails should also be well groomed and always painted red or pink nail .

3. On the face of a Sissy, and on the body there should be no hair. In addition to the pubis, there is a need to do stripes like slut whore sissy.

4. Smile and giggle. You can seen how young girls giggle and always smiling you should also behave. Never get smart, you should know that you're a stupid cunt, but at the same time you should have just entsiklopedicheskii knowledge in the field of fashion, life, Hollywood and celebrities, makeup, etc. Also, try not to say clever and complex words, such as cognitive science. You should be extremely easy to communicate, try to imitate their behavior and manners kata It.

5. Sissy needs every day to read articles on websites for women, and in women's magazines. And also watch movies and TV series for women, you can also see the "Uni". But you're not allowed to watch science fiction, documentary, historical, art-house films. Watch only comedies and soap operas.

6. Be sure to read Cosmopolitan every day. Buy the latest issue and read it from cover to cover, memorize out tips.

7. A Sissy should always pee sitting.

8. Sissy needs to start a blog and write there your thoughts and feelings.

9. Every week make any purchase, panties or stockings and other women's joy.

10. You have to have a period of 28 days. These days you are not allowed to FAP, you have to wear pads or a tampon in you'r ass.

11. You have to wear a chastity belt 24/7. FAP can be once in a month. Every two weeks to arrange a prostate milking so the sperm will come out but without orgasm. But you have access to an unlimited anal orgasm. Also you can FAP when you're having sex with a guy.

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