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Тэг «fuck»

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customers around the Shop: Mary Pauline D. wearing the newest ROGER Cartoon series!

   2016-08-13 21:27:00
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Mary in anime mode! She picked up a new style from ROGER EYE DESIGNS' Newest series, the 'Cartoon Collection' and obviously knows how to have fun in them! 

Fans of ROGER EYE DESIGNS will be delighted to know there is a new collection in the shop and its a wild, fun one. Come in to check out the Cartoon Series if you're looking for a fresh look!

Тэги: best, buy, cartoon, collection, cool, design, every, evil, eye, eyes, eyewear, face, fight, frames, fremont, funky, glasses, great, place, roger, seattle

Remedy to a common eyewear fit issue: Nose pad arms for plastic frames

   2016-08-09 00:30:00

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Тэги: arms, best, cool, custom, design, every, evil, eyeglasses, eyes, face, fight, fit, fremont, glasses, great, issues, nose, onsite, opticians, pad, plastic, repair, seattle

Eyes on Fremont Family field trip: The New KEXP STUDIOS

   2016-08-02 03:08:00
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The EOF gang behind the coveted vinyl section of KEXP's comprehensive music library.

For many years, Eyes on Fremont has been a proud supporter and underwriter of Seattle's independent, listener powered radio station, KEXP. Now in their new, much-expanded studio facility, we were invited to check out what happens behind the airwaves.

  Check out a few highlights from the tour our EOF gang was invited to do with Carol Dupuis and seasoned volunteer, Ken:

An original studio keepsake of sorts: This original Nirvana "Nevermind" album secures fond memories with it's  entertaining footnotes by the DJs playing it when the album released, way back in the station's KCMU days. It earned critical acclaim & heavy rotation stats by the these resident DJs before it made international record sales.

DJ Quilty 3000 on the air yesterday, taking a moment to explain the back scene DJ process...  She's been a resident DJ since 2003 (and a longtime EOF customer)!

Our tour guides and the EOF staff in the new live studio showroom.  Thanks, Carol (third from left)  and Ken (2nd from rt) showing us around the coolest radio station ever! 

To learn more about KEXP,  listen online, find out about studio tours/events, become a member, and receive discounts (we offer a KEXP discount for glasses!) and otherwise get the gist of what "listener powered radio" means, please check out their site at: http://www.kexp.org

Тэги: -place, best, buy, every, evil, eyes, eyewear, face, fight, fremont, glasses, great, independent, kexp, listener, local, powered, radio, seattle, support

Customers around the Shop: the Lavy Family

   2016-07-28 22:21:00
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Тэги: affordable, best, buy, cat, coolest, every, evil, eye, eyes, eyewear, face, fight, fremont, funky, glasses, great, interesting, place, round, seattle, shop

Friday Eyeglasses inspiration with Jenny J and Andy Wolf!

   2016-07-23 20:40:00
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Photo courtesy of Jenny's I phone via an EOF customer

  Seattle photographer, Jenny Jimenez came in for some eyeglass servicing and decided we all needed to take this shot together, since we were all on the same page, wearing our Andy Wolf frames today! Thanks for pointing out the synchronicity and giving us the inspiration, Jenny! 

Check out her website on the link above and her latest photo spread for July's issue City Arts Mag: 
City Arts magazine July 2016: Lindy West

Тэги: andy, best, buy, cool, every, evil, eyeglasses, eyes, eyewear, face, fashion, fight, fremont, funky, glasses, great, jenny, jimenez, local, place, seattle, support, wolf

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